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Why I HATE (Planned) Cheat Meals

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Why I HATE (Planned) Cheat Meals

Many popular diet plans in the Health/Nutrition industry recommend scheduled "Cheat" days or meals. The premise is that by scheduling these times of excess, you will be more likely to stick to your diet during the week because you have something to look forward to on the weekend. That's the idea anyway....

The reality is that you obsess all week to the point that your spend any waking, available minute planning your epic "cheat" that in all likely hood isn't that enjoyable once your get to indulge and makes for a miserable few days after you've skyrocketed your blood sugar and ingested a bunch of toxic junk that does nothing to promote a healthy you. There is a better way...

3 Steps to Cheat Better:

1. WAIT: Until you are presented with a "cheat" that you absolutely have to have. This could be cheesecake on a date with your significant other, your birthday, or just day that you have an overwhelming craving for something indulgent. This of course is not giving you free reign to indulge every time there is an opportunity! Make it worth it!

2. BE MINDFUL: Enjoy every bite, realize when you've had enough to satisfy the craving, and move on! Don't dwell on this one slip up or "cheat"...just get back on the horse your rode in on!

3. BE ACTIVE: Do a little more activity the next day than normal to offset the increased calories. Go for a walk, bike ride, hike, or whatever you like.

Finally, eat a diet your enjoy. A properly formulated low(er) carb, higher healthy fat, and moderate protein diet allows you to enjoy foods that many people think are off limits: butter, bacon, eggs, steak, cheese (if you tolerate), avocado, nuts and other satiating foods with the majority of your carbohydrate intake coming from nutrient dense vegetables!

When you can eat these foods on a regular basis, everyday feels like cheat :)

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